Welcome to KC Companies of Conscience


Welcome to KC Companies of Conscience, our list of Kansas City area businesses that are going about their work conscientiously. This is an effort of KC Olive Branch (www.kcolivebranch.org), a website dedicated to faith, peace, justice and community in Kansas City.

Many of us are mindful of the effects of our consumerism, yet we regularly find ourselves in need of goods and services. Each dollar we spend is a vote that gets carefully counted. What kinds of companies are we voting for? The businesses you’ll find on this list are making efforts in areas like the environment, social justice and our local community. The list is not meant to be comprehensive. It is a place to start — a work in progress that will grow and change as we receive suggestions from you!

Send your ideas to michael@kcstories.com and please add your comments to the pages.

Hopefully this list will be a helpful resource for all of us as we choose where to cast our votes and influence what kinds of business practices are going to succeed in the 21st century.



  1. Regina Troyer said

    Hi Michael, thanks so much for doing this. I would also like to nominate Mary Rouse’s store for this website, Urban Mining Homewares. This business features dealers who find new uses for old stuff, encouraging reusing instead of buying new. Their website is:

    Blessings, Regina

  2. kcconscience said

    Excellent idea Regina. Thanks for your help.


  3. Jerry Shechter said

    I would like to nominate Straw Sticks & Bricks to be highlighted on this website. The majority of their products are recycled or high energy efficiency

  4. kcconscience said

    Jerry —

    We’ve added Straw Sticks and Bricks to the Building Materials section. Thanks for your input!

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